AS-2012 Submicron Particle Size Analyzer

AS-2012 Laser Particle Size Analyzer works with principle of Mie Scattering to precisely determine the particle size distribution from 0.04 to 500 micrometer. This equipment has a few advantages all its own. Robust laser diode and innovative photocells optimize the precision of static light scattering and give AS-2012 a longer operational lifetime. Patented optical bench uproots light path deviation, one of the major technical problems in the industry of particle size analysis. User-friendly program and advanced algorism bring accuracy and repeatability qualification to International Norm ISO13320-1 Particle Size Analysis-Laser Diffraction Methods. AS-2012 has become the most reliable and cost-effective LPSA and being widely used in submicron particle size characterization.

By AimSizer

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