AS-2011 micron laser particle size analyzer

AS-2011 Laser Particle Size Analyzer is a high-tech instrument incorporating technologies of optic, mechanic, electric and computer. Thanks to import semiconductor laser, it lasts longer time with excellent monochromaticity. It features advanced mechanical design and integrated microelectric circuit. The accuracy and test speed are improved thanks to highly sensitive photocells and full-course Mie Scattering Theory executed by excellent and innovative algorism. It is the most reliable, accurate and cost-effective micron laser particle size analyzer Aimsizer supply.

Size range: 0.1um-500um
Accuracy: <1%(CRM D50)
Repeatability: <1% CRM D50)
Test method: Liquid
Light source: Semiconductor laser (635nm, 3mw, 25000hrs)
Scanning speed: 2000/sec
Test time :< 1 minute, sample preparation not counted
Power supply: AC 220V+-10% 50Hz or 60Hz, Power 80W
Computer interface: standard RS-232 serial port
Operating system: all Windows system
Dimension: 620(L)X333(W)X248(H)mm

Technologies of Hardware
-AS20 Dispersing Unit features internal ultrasonic, circulation, agitation and timed ultrasonic. The peristaltic pump prevents the suspension from being contaminated during circulation to secure the accuracy of the test results. AS20 can work with small volume cell or flow through sample cell. The former caters to organic medium and the latter to water.

-The semiconductor laser waved 635nm and powered 3mw works for more than 25000 hours therefore extends the running life and stock life of the particle size analyzer.

-Optimized reverse Furier optical design and unique integration of light path and optical bench contribute to stable light path; moreover it reduces light path adjustment to zero. Thanks to advanced mechanical design and processing technique the unit becomes more compact; streamlined cover makes for easy operation and maintenance; effective shielding and disturbance-resistance technology contributes to electric stability.

-Innovative photocell array improves the resolution of the unit. The major detector array consists of 71 photocells with maximum detecting angle 21.5 degree. Crossly positioned irregular side array comprises 5 photocells with maximum angle 75 degree.

Technologies of software
-Two login ports one for the administrator the other for the operator accessed by password considerably improve the security of the particle size analysis system.

-AS-2011 is a high-tech instrument incorporating technologies of optic, mechanic, electric and computer. The acquired data is processed by special analysis system and result printed out by printer.

-AS-2011 works with advanced Mie scattering theory and excellent H.Golub inversion algorism. With the ideal combination of software and hardware, the test is always fast and accurate for whatever unimodal or multimodal distribution.

-Flexible output makes it editable on the data and curve of accumulative distribution, data and histogram of differential distribution and typical values according to user’s specific requirement.

-AS-2011 completely meets the requirement of ISO 13320-1, an international norm on laser particle size analyzer and each unit goes through strict quality control and validated by National Reference Material SB2005

-Reliable Hardware -Accurate Software -Cost-Effective Unit

Abrasives, Adhesives, Agrochemical, Barite, Batteries, Bentonite, Boron Carbide, Brucite, Bubble, Calcite, Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Black, Catalysts, Cement, Ceramics, Chemicals, Clay, Coal, Coatings, Corundum, Cosmetics, Diamond Powder, Diatomite, Emulsion, Environmental, Explosives, Ferrite, Fluorescent, Fluorite, Food & Beverage, Food Additive, Graphite, Grinding, Inks, Kaolin, Medicine, Metal Powder, Mica, Milling, Minerals, Oxides, Paints, Paper, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments, Plaster, Plastics, Polymers, Quartz, Refractory, Resins, Silica, Slurries, Soil Sediments, Sulfur, Synthetics, Talc, Toners, Tourmaline, Wollastonite, Zeolite, Zirconium Silicate etc in micron range.

-Size range:most popular micron size range from 0.1-500 micrometers
-Accuracy & Repeatability:<1%, completely comply with ISO 13320-1
-Applications:1-stop sizer solution for nearly all the powders in micron range
-Sample driving:clean and effective peristaltic pump improves the accuracy
-Sample adding:easy switch between 2: Flow Through & Small Cell Assemblies
-Optical Bench:reduce light path adjustment to 0, free from adjustment forever
-Laser diode:good monochromaticity with as long as 25000 hours working life
-Photocell:Highly-Sensitive photocells in effective position improves accuracy
-Theory:most advanced Mie Scattering Theory using Laser Diffraction of particles
-Algorism:fast and accurate H.Golub reverse algorism saves Waiting Time
-Login:2 login ports Administrator and Operator make for effective administration
-Measurement:user can Customize key parameters and test very fast in less than 1 minute
-Software:comprehensive and User-Friendly English software contribute to a nice sizing experience
-Test Report:standard ISO 13320-1 integrating all concerned data for easy comparison

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